Sludge Management

Drilling Mud / Sludge Management

As Ontario environmental regulations are more strictly enforced, Curran Recycling is developing new methods to help customers meet these new standards.

Recently, the ministry of environment has been enforcing the disposal of drilling mud. This has increased the cost and complexity of jobs. Curran can help to simplify the management of drilling mud by providing the following:

  • Licensed disposal outlet – We are fully licensed to accept drilling mud and sludges at our facility and are capable of handling the large volumes generated on drilling projects.
  • Mobile sludge boxes – Curran has several types of boxes that can be dropped off at a customer’s site or live-loaded on a truck. The boxes can be filled with sludge using an excavator, pump or vac truck.
  • Vac Truck services – Curran can provide standard vac trucks or turbo units depending on the job requirements.