Recycling Centre / Waste Depot

Curran Recycling operates a recycling and waste disposal center for businesses, contractors and homeowners. Our facility has diverted over 500,000 tonnes of waste material from landfill and we are constantly finding new ways to keep even more material from going to landfill.

We can accept all solid non-hazardous material such as demolition and construction debris, tires and general garbage. Wood waste, brush and soil are also accepted. Additionally, clean concrete and bricks are taken for no charge.

How the process works

  • Drive through our main gate and on to the scale.
  • Tell us what you are disposing of and we will direct you to the appropriate area.
  • Off load your material – bins are made available to ensure that recyclable materials are recycled.
  • On your way out of the yard, drive back on the scale. Payment can be made with cash, debit or credit.