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Curran Recycling offers a wide range of recycling services to meet the needs of the entire Sarnia Lambton community. Our recycling and waste treatment facility is capable of meeting the stringent demands of heavy industry while still making it easy to deliver small loads. Whether your recycling needs bring you by Curran Recycling once a day, or once a year, we’ll be here to help.

Aggregate Sales

Aggregate Sales

In an effort to better serve our customers Curran offers the following aggregate material for sale:

  • Virgin “A” gravel
  • Screened or sand fill
  • Screenings for patio stone base
  • P stone
  • Mortar sand
  • Recycled asphalt
  • Crushed concrete – 3/4 to fines
  • Crushed concrete – 2 inch to fines

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Bin Rental

We offer disposal bins for commercial and industrial use. The bins can be dropped off and picked up at your convenience.

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Recycling Centre / Waste Depot

Curran Recycling operates a recycling and waste disposal center for businesses, contractors and homeowners. Our facility has diverted over 500,000 tonnes of waste material from landfill and we are constantly finding new ways to keep even more material from going to landfill.

We can accept all solid non-hazardous material such as demolition and construction debris, tires and general garbage. Wood waste, brush and soil are also accepted. Additionally, clean concrete and bricks are taken for no charge.

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Landfill Diversion

Curran Recycling personnel are specialists at diverting and recycling waste streams that typically go to landfill. We have been able to find recycling / reuse options for several industrial waste streams that have typically gone to landfill. This is a great help to customers who operate under ISO quality systems and are required to show consistent improvements in environmental performance.

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Contaminated Soil Management

Curran Recycling are experts in the treatment, disposal and general management of contaminated soils. Our facility is fully licensed by the Ministry of Environment to treat and dispose of contaminated soil in compliance with all provincial regulations.

We can respond to your transportation and disposal needs very quickly and efficiently. Our waste acceptance process is the quickest in the business allowing you to get the job done and keep your customers happy.



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With over 70 pieces of heavy equipment, mobile certificates of approval and our own waste transfer / treatment facility Curran Recycling offers complete turn-key remediation package. This ability to provide both the remediation service and the disposal outlet translates into big savings for our customers.

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Sludge Management

Drilling Mud / Sludge Management

As Ontario environmental regulations are more strictly enforced, Curran Recycling is developing new methods to help customers meet these new standards.

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Liquid Waste Disposal

Curran Recycling offers disposal and treatment of non-hazardous liquid industrial wastes. This includes water generated from excavations at contaminated sites, oily wastewater from manufacturing operations and process waste from heavy the heavy industrial sector.

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